When we last spoke to Shiloh Eyes, the musical project of Christine Schatz, the artist was dropping her debut single, Me Time. The single loaded with meaning came along with a music video in which the singer connected with her inner self. Now, some months after that important moment in her professional and personal trajectory, she is releasing the second release from her upcoming debut EP, Mad River. A song that comes after a few months that have not been easy in the singer's life and with which she invites us to immerse ourselves in a catharsis.
“It's been a hell of a couple of months (one blow after another, worth a sappy LinkedIn post). I'm finally out on the other side of the post-op healing process and incredibly grateful to my friends and family and everyone who's reached out. I can finally exercise again too!” shared Schatz on her social media just a few days ago, providing some information to her followers about the vital moment she’s experiencing and announcing the release of new music. The day has come and we can now enjoy the new work of the Los Angeles-raised artist, songwriter, engineer, and producer who places transformation and vulnerability at the centre of her work.

“A lot of people drowned in it, actually. It had a really strong undercurrent but looked deceptively still. And I feel like that's sort of how our relationship was – seemingly calm on the outside, but underneath there was so much turbulence,” she answers when asked about the river, a fundamental element in this new single which always played a symbolic role throughout her former married life living by Delaware. This new release, Mad River, is about the space between yearning for what once was, and breaking free. A process that culminates in a catharsis that comes after a buildup and a feeling of longing.
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