She overcomes the fear of being vulnerable and makes trauma a catalyst for songwriting. Shiloh Eyes, the project of Christine Schatz, turns music into a healing language with which she puts words to experiences that the artist has experienced firsthand. A way of facing problems that she has built on repair, which shows that running away from problems is not the final solution. She now presents her debut single, Me Time, recapping the haunting juncture that ultimately reshaped her life. The release comes along with an introspective music video in which the singer connects with her inner self.
By placing transformation and vulnerability at the centre of her work, the Los Angeles-raised artist, songwriter, and producer expresses her feelings without ties through music. A work with which many people can feel identified in which she claims that life is a process and we all should respect our rhythm to heal our wounds. Tragic romance and melancholy meet in a single that plunges us into a parallel universe through an enveloping slow pace.

Me Time was written at a time when her healing had barely just begun. A stage in the life of Shiloh Eyes in which she had to make important decisions. She packed a bag and left the rust belt town in Pennsylvania that marriage had brought her to, and moved back home to California. Thinking of her own well-being, the artist decided to save herself and begin to reform her life from that moment. And now she lets us know a little more about her with this release, sharing her emotions and experiences with the audience.