Would you look at your favourite garment differently if you knew where it comes from? And by that, we mean which exact sheep provided its wool. Never before have we been able to understand and feel on our own skin that what we are wearing comes from nature. That’s the vision behind Sheep Inc., a London-based knitwear label that is shaking the fashion industry one beanie at a time.
The brand has taken its commitment to the environment some steps further, becoming the world’s first carbon-negative fashion brand which means its manufacturing processes must naturally store more CO2e than they produce. All wool comes exclusively from farms in New Zealand that adopt regenerative farming methods. After that, all garments are produced in Europe by supply chain partners using knitting processes for minimal environmental impact. Furthermore, each garment comes with a (removable) NFC chip in its hem that, with a simple tap of the phone gives digital access to the full creation story and your sheep!

Sheep Inc. have released this week a limited-edition beanie with PjT, Project Tsehigh, a non-profit organisation founded by executive director, international model, and activist Grace Mahary, who is providing solar energy solutions to marginalised communities around the world, especially in Africa. In today’s digital world, electricity is an essential need. And they’re proud to help meet this need sustainably and with your support. Tsehigh means sun in Tigrinya, a language spoken in Eritrea where PjT was conceived.

Limited to two hundred and fifty pieces, the collection comes in two sunny yellow options, representing the sun and its warmth. It fuels our electricity and nourishes the Merino sheep whose wool helped make this beanie. But nature is full of colours and new turquoise and lime models are already available starting from this Thursday. A luxuriously cosy knitwear that looks good, does good and feels good.
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