Serinity is releasing her debut song You Used Me proving that she has a lot to say in today's music scene. Opening up emotionally with her audience after 3 years in which she has changed a lot, having experimented with love, heartbreak and healing, now she presents the single that helped her cope with a difficult time. The song full of feelings is capable of giving us goosebumps because of her extreme sincerity, and the honesty with which the artist narrates what she lived through and what learned from it.
You Used Me is based on an actual relationship I had in which I was blinded by the idea of being in love and missed all the signs that he maybe didn't feel the same way,” replies the singer-songwriter from Sacramento when asked about her just-released debut single. “When we broke up and I found out how he really felt, I learned the hard way how easy it is to ignore the red flags when you love someone,” she adds about a chapter in her life that now inspires her new song and will connect without a doubt with all those who have been in this situation.

Reason and feeling sometimes collide with each other, resulting in confusional states that make decision-making difficult, even more so when love comes into play. Defending self-love and self-confidence, Serinity welcomes us to her musical universe which she will continue to show us throughout 2023. This is just a sneak peek of everything to come and we can already confirm that sincerity and the emotional connection with her audience will be one of her great strengths.