Support for emerging artists, the conviction that the collaborative format is essential to reactivate the creative scene and the defence of synergies between profiles from different disciplines are some of the pillars on which Sensus Berlin is built. Founded in early 2020, at a time when the pandemic threatened all those creators who were unable to develop or exhibit their work as a result of sanitary restrictions, the artist management collective emerged to respond to a global need. This weekend they hold an event in KühlhausBerlin in collaboration with Elio Events, under the motto of Asymmetry. Don’t miss it!
“We pursue the intention not only to support but also to develop and unfurl the creative horizon of our artists,” the Sensus Berlin organisation explain. And it is that the artistic collective seeks to accompany the different creators who are part of their different initiatives throughout their creative process, showing that collaboration should be a term that, far from being limited to a specific action, transcends space and time to become a mutually helpful relationship in which everyone can make the most of the knowledge of the rest of the people involved. “As a result, we can enhance the art sensory experience, as well as to expose artists to exhibitions that stimulate various senses and to prime the senses through physical and emotional stimuli,” they add.

From collaborative events to new experiences arising from expanding the range of possibilities that creative synergies confer, together they are committed to the joint creation of stimulating projects with which they demonstrate that a different way of doing things is possible. “Beyond that, Sensus Berlin wants to influence the visitors with sound, visuals, tactile, scents etc. so they’re able to recollect an experience,” comment its managers, for whom this vision of art defined by cooperation is decisive in a moment as unprecedented as the one we are currently living. “After the lockdown has been lifted in Berlin and people can come together again we hope that collaborations will prevail, not only in the arts but also in society.”

Sensus Berlin is closely linked to the concept of community. More specifically, to the creation of a community of new artists to allow them to present their work on a professional level. A vision that they now materialise at their next event, which can be visited at KühlhausBerlin from July 31 to August 1, from 2 to 10 pm. “We want viewers to walk through and notice the obvious contrasts throughout the exhibition and how it affects them,” they explain about the leitmotif chosen for the event, Asymmetry, for which they have grouped artists who create the same forms of art but with opposite styles. “We enjoy this concept for two reasons. First, each art piece contradicts the other, giving our artists more freedom to express themselves with their unique styles and secondly the visitor is engaged constantly.”

Ten artists who promise to revolutionize the current art scene will take part in this action: Maily Nguyen, Ozan Polat, Anna Streidl, Vincent A. Carter, Stefanie Egedy, Paul Battenberg-Cartwright, Younes Mohammadi (aka, Cornelius Perino, Catherine Mamani Valles and Diana Koenig. But, how was the selection process? “The criteria were simple, the artists had to feel comfortable with the space, we had to find suitable contrasts to their styles and there has to be a good work climate between everyone,” the organisation responds while acknowledging that they prefer to get to know the creators on a personal level, favouring synergies.

The still incipient project has plans for the future. Beyond the event scheduled for this weekend, they are already in the process of developing a charity campaign with the Berlin association Junge Meister:innen to support young Berlin artists with financial difficulties due to the health crisis. “Apart from this project we have more events on our schedule which you can stay up to date with via Instagram or our newsletter.”
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Maily Nguyen
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Paul Battenberg-Cartwright
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Ozan Polat
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Vincent A. Carter