Selma Higgins's new single, Sunlight, seems to encapsulate a therapeutic process. Drawing from a personal experience where she found herself desperately searching for hope in hopeless love, her latest release nonetheless has quite an uplifting vibe. A demonstration that the composition process, far from being something mechanical, brings out many emotions. It even changes the mood and how we look at things, generating an enveloping atmosphere in which feelings meet, come to light and are transformed.
“I guess it's because, writing it, I realized I could only win this battle within my head with a bit of self-knowledge and a hell of a lot of the impenetrable power of self-irony,” the artist comments on this sentimental mutation she experienced while shaping her new release, Sunlight. An especially important single in her career since it comes almost three years after she unveiled her latest release. This is the beginning of a new chapter in her musical adventure in the form of a ballad full of '70s glamour and funky pop textures.

“I want to experiment and challenge myself, and whether the result is going to be smooth or rough around the edges, I want it to be real, warm and me,” adds Higgins. Remaining true to herself and never limiting herself or the people around her in the studio to follow a specific sound or style, her new funkadelic ballad comes after debuting in 2020 with an authentic folk-inspired EP release rooted in her Nordic and Irish upbringing. What will be her next steps? Stay tuned!