Deep, powerful, and cinematic are all the right words to describe Sega Bodega’s new music video for his single Set Me Free, I’m an Animal. The video captures a journey of strength and perseverance, and it goes perfectly alongside the song’s softly enchanting lyrics. Released today, Bodega’s single teases his highly anticipated upcoming album, and the hype is getting real.
Blue-green smoke amasses over a dark and churning sea, and at its center is Bodega as he painstakingly rows against the rolling waves. The lyrics start low and almost whisper like, yet the beat is steady and mounting against the acoustic background of a strumming guitar. The whole scene is mystic and otherworldly, with Bodega chanting the lyrics of “Set me free / I’m an animal” as he rows his boat. The chorus takes on a new sound with a deep voice repeating to “Fight for it.”
Each lyric is whispered and bounced around like an echo, and sparkling rain and lighting pounds against him as a storm increases with the sound of the music. The video is completely shaded in deep blue tones, and the lyrics become more staticky and far away as Bodega continues to row his boat against the storm. It's a spiritual journey and a testament to personal strength, and its artfulness has to be seen. Go watch the music video to get the full experience of this mystical and spellbinding song.