What does it mean to be a man today? Does it make sense to continue differentiating by gender in today's society? Do we not make more sense to understand once and for all that masculinity and femininity coexist in all of us and each one expresses it in the way that best represents him or her? These and many other questions are asked by the musician, artist and masterful showman Sean The Star Emperor in the single he is releasing today, Typical Male, his own version of Tina Turner's Typical Male but his own way for the 21st century.
“Am I the typical male, is he the typical male. Is she? Are they? I took these questions even further with the video, where I’m not even human. I have men in hazmat suits invading my crash-landed spacecraft!,” comments the multifaceted artist on his new single and music video, who is now inspired by his love of wordplay. The freedom to be and express each one as they want is one of the premises on which his work is built, and his new music video is a good example of it.

From Lady Gaga to Donna Summer or The Black Eyed Peas, there are many icons that coexist in the creative universe of Stan The Star Emperor, who adapts all his sources of inspiration to the moment in which we live. All accompanied by elaborate backstories for his space-themed stage personas. We can only celebrate that, besides entertaining and enjoying, musicians ask themselves important questions through this universal language, highlighting the need to start conversations with which to question the terms we use and the meanings that words contain.