Jake Muskat, also known as Sea Glass, the Brooklyn based producer and artist whose sound centres around emotions associated with that of growing up and dreaming, adapted his latest single, (I have Jokes) If You Wanna Hear One, from a lullaby written for his newborn son. Produced in conjunction with Richmond, Virginia-based artist Benét, the single is a woozy sweet litany of baby wooing activities, expressing the overwhelming feelings of parenthood.
Working on the track without a top line for 6 months before Benét offered one, Muskat described the slow and organic process as extremely enjoyable, the track however, came together rapidly once Benét and drummer Jared Saltiel got involved. The track, which shares the pop sensibilities of prior Sea Glass releases, benefits massively from Benét’s voice which adds a necessary complexity to the track and its deadpan lyrics, “Do you wanna play on my phone,” or “I’m hoping when you start to listen you’ll sing along,” all this directed to a baby in utter frankness.

It’s an extremely millennial track, refreshing in its singularity, a true love song. The simple and sunny instrumentals accompany the lyrics perfectly, opening with a plucky guitar, and the plea “give me a chance.” It's a picture of one of life’s beautiful but frightening moments. Muskat writes that the lyrics were written as a form of escapism in the early days of fatherhood, but highlight as well the new joy the birth of his son brought, “I was both thrilled to have this new love in our family but also overwhelmed with the added pressure that the responsibility brought, the music was a sort of escape from the moment.” An intimate insight into Muskat’s mind at such an important interval, the track crescendos and falls again, instantly catchy, it’s difficult to imagine Muskat’s son not being an instant fan. A recipient of the Silver Sun Foundation Artists Residency in Woodstock, NY, where he spent the time working on his debut EP, which will be released in Spring 2023, its evident that Sea Glass has plenty of joy to communicate to the world vis a vis his unique styling of lackadaisical pop. With more exciting collaborations on the horizon, new dad Muskat has plenty of tricks, as well as jokes, up his sleeve.