Some artists’ work is difficult to define in words, being not easy to find the most appropriate category to classify their artwork. This happens with Scott Wade, whose creative vision is so broad involving different artistic disciplines that it's almost impossible for us to just use one term to define his project. The British-born Tokyo-based artist's most recent work combines music with short films. And that is precisely what he does in his latest project, which we are now presenting. He's now unveiling My Sting Machines in accompaniment with his short film, Lots If Love.
By incorporating various methods of manipulating time into his writing where each song has a preordained structure based on its accompanying story, the producer and writer now presents his new work along with videographer Matthew Sperzel, which began as a pitch to a fashion brand in Japan. “Each day I would sit down and listen to it with fresh ears on a comfortable listening setup. Then I would listen out for the things that didn't fit in that gauge and go back to work on them until they were right,” says Wade when asked about how he shaped this latest project, which formed largely throughout 2022 and relied solely on his own gauge.

But that's not all, what about My Sting Machines? The first release from his new project, following his 2022 debut album, Sew, grew out of a singular cyclical piano line that the artist was particularly enticed by. “As with the short story, I was thinking about fighting with something natural and inevitable,” adds Wade, who before starting his solo project wrote music for TV and advertisements. We highly recommend that you immerse yourself in his exciting creative universe where different artistic disciplines meet, generating a multisensory result.