“Let’s have a bit of fun / Nothing exclusive / I need your body on mine / My temperature is rising / Baby cool it,” sings Sariah in WYD (What You Doing), her sensual and seductive new single. In these cold months, many of us wish to have someone to overcome the low temperatures and do some spooning, and so does she.
Hailing from the outskirts of New York City, up-and-coming Sariah has been working on her music career for a long time. However, it wasn’t until 2020 that the singer jumped into the void and risked it all. After a handful of successful singles, she keeps working on crafting her unique sound, a blend of R&B and soul that highlights her sultry and melodic voice.
Speaking of how her latest song, WYD (What You Doing) came to be, she explains: “Last summer, I traveled to Los Angeles with the goal of creating new music for my EP. Despite owning a catalogue of previously recorded songs, I was going through significant changes in my life and so I wanted to make music that authentically captured my current emotional and vocal state. When my manager introduced WYD to me, I immediately connected with the production and melodies. The whole creative process was such a remarkable journey, having had the chance to work alongside amazing talents like Tally Margulies and Sara Diamond. The studio sessions flowed seamlessly, and I am just so overjoyed with the final outcome of the song. My hope is that every woman feels desired and empowered when they listen to this track.”
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