We recently had the opportunity to chat with the Greek singer and listen to Faulty Humans, the first single from her upcoming Birdsong EP, where the artist opens up about the importance of taking care of our mental health. Now that we are just a few days away from listening to her full EP, which will be out on a Friday, May 13, Sarah P. shows us that it has nothing to do with superstitions but rather with hard work and believing in oneself. We see it in her latest releases, Birdsong and My Father’s Eyes, two emotional and authentic tracks that convey us all of her inner strength in difficult situations.
Written and produced by Sarah P. and Flavio Gonnellini, Birdsong explains how the singer coped through the music with the loss of someone important. As she mentions: “Loss is a gloomy theme, especially considering the current status of our world. But there’s a ray of hope and resilience coming through Birdsong. That was exactly what I needed at the moment I wrote it. I hope those who will listen to it will interpret Birdsong based on their experiences and let it carry them through the difficult moments.” On the other hand, My Father’s Eyes brings out the hopeful side of this situation and through the lyrics and the organic melody she pays homage to her father and their memories together.

As Sarah P. explained in our interview with her, these last 2 years have been complicated, especially after the pandemic and the loss of her father. These situations made her look more into her inner self and thus work on what really mattered most to her, which helped her to persevere through the obstacles. As we have seen, her latest project focuses on the importance of mental health and validating our emotions. And that is what her four-song EP Birdsong is about. The artist shows us her most mature side exploring grief and loss, nostalgia and her inner force to never lose hope.