Sanjo is celebrating its 90th anniversary, quite a challenge for a brand that has experienced the most resounding success but also had to deal with increasing competition and lots of changes in its almost century of history. The Portuguese footwear brand became a phenomenon in the last century through highly innovative designs, always championing the highest quality. However, the arrival of international competitors in the 1970s and 1980s meant that the brand went through a difficult time after which, far from disappearing, it reinvented itself to claim its identity stronger than ever.
Now, after a deep analysis process and after having explored their strengths and weaknesses, Sanjo seems to have a clear goal. Their 90th Anniversary Collection is a perfect example of the path that the Portuguese brand has traced through a mix of innovation to adapt to new markets and generations, and respect for its historical legacy that revolutionized the footwear industry. “Celebrating creativity, collaboration and community is how I feel about Sanjo's anniversary collections,” says Vítor Costa, Sanjo's Creative Director.

There is no lack of Vichy print in this collection, nor their already iconic ML 130 and BL 130, two of the greatest signature shoes of Sanjo's original identity. But the brand is also committed to new additions to its 90th Anniversary Collection, highlighting the K230 and K330 models. Defining itself as a "new old brand," the extensive knowledge of the footwear sector of this brand has allowed it to reinvent itself without losing its DNA for more than nine decades. What can we expect for their 100th anniversary?
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