Starting a musical project is not easy at all. Pressure from the music industry, attempts to fit into a specific musical genre, or the influence that the number of streams of singles and releases has on the mental health of singers and songwriters are just some of the problems. The singer originally from a southern Florida beach town Samantha Marie has had to overcome obstacles and outdo herself in her first entrance into managing her own music, lyrics, and melodies. She is now ready to show the world her talent with the release of her EP Running in Place.
“Sticking to one genre wasn't an option, since each song had its own emotions come out when writing them,” says the artist, who has found in music a restorative balm with which to heal her wounds and feel better with herself. After listening to her new release consisting of five tracks –When You're Not There, Never Did Get It Right, Mystify, Through the Night and When You're Nor There-Dancing Alone (Remix) – we can confirm that the singer has prioritized her instinct to the comments of people or the creative industry, creating her own sound freeing herself from limiting ties.

Having performed in musical theatre for five years before starting high school and after being inspired by a friend who heard her sing and urged her to “just do it,” Samantha Marie now shows us a little more of her personal creative universe. “This EP is my first showcase of only a few songs out of hundreds in my vault. I also included a rendition of INXS's Mystify. I can't wait to share more with everyone,” she adds when asked about her new release, Running in Place. And there is no doubt this is just the beginning.
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