We love hearing a great voice, and with Saint Ahmad, you don’t need more than ten seconds to know there’s something special about them. Rapper, singer, dancer, and songwriter... A rising star. In their own words: “Icon in the making.” Well, truth be told, the Brooklyn-based multi-hyphenate artist already exploded with Minds, their latest EP. Freshly out of the oven to be played on your parties.
Listening to these five tracks feels like stepping into a swirling vortex of beats and emotions. From the infectious energy of LGC, where Lolita Leopard’s presence adds an extra layer of sass, to the introspective voyage of Minds, inspired by trailblazers RuPaul and Leigh Bowery, each track is a glimpse into Saint Ahmad’s mind. And bitch, it’s clear they’re from New York and have no time for bullshit, because the five-track EP is summed up in ten minutes – less than it takes to commute from A train to E line.
The standout track, Vibe, feels like a burst of euphoria. It’s not just a song; it’s an anthem for self-acceptance and empowerment. As Saint Ahmad themselves put it, “each track is a different part of me laid bare.” This EP isn’t solely about music; it’s a statement—an ode to overcoming self-doubt, celebrating queer identity, and finding liberation within oneself. Saint Ahmad’s fearless approach to blending genres like UK club, pop, R&B, and hip-hop speaks volumes about their refusal to be confined by labels or expectations.
And we almost forgot—don’t miss out on the video released for LGC directed by Jonathan Fine: A mix of extravagance, movement, and attitude. Of course, we love divas and cool queer people from New York.