The name Ryterband might not be on your radar, but this accomplished producer and composer have been making his mark in the music and television industry for years. In early 2020, he released the track Brilliant Eyes, co-produced with Grammy-winner Bob Cutarella. This song has garnered over three million streams on digital platforms and clinched the grand prize at the 2021 John Lennon Songwriting Contest. Before the year comes to a close, he will unveil his second EP, Echoes. In the meantime, he gifts us with Lies, a song that delves into the way technology has deepened our disconnection from one another.
“I was lying in bed with a lover when it occurred to me that in our nine months together, we had never really relied on each other. We hadn't met each other's friends, we barely ever met outside of the bedroom (…) It was safer to stay together without true intimacy than to seek something more and risk being alone.” This artist's experience, one many of us can relate to, serves as the thematic thread of his new song, reflecting on the idea that in an era dominated by technology and social media, it can be challenging to form deep and meaningful connections with others. The artist questions whether the superficiality of these connections is causing people to distance themselves from genuine intimacy.

In the music video, Ryterband transforms his personal experience into the story of a lonely man who forms a virtual connection with a camgirl. This intriguing relationship takes place primarily through webcam interactions, where the camgirl embodies a digital persona. For the man, this digital bond becomes a lifeline, offering a semblance of intimacy while sidestepping genuine human connection. The video's innovative use of 3D visuals and artificial intelligence intensifies this exploration, underscoring the commentary on modern relationships in our tech-driven, social media-centric era.