Ryoko Kaneta fills Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles with colour for her United States solo debut, In Our Nature. With fourteen new works, the Japanese artist combines the old and the new. This exhibition portrays ancient Japanese philosophies through a modern style of painting that references anime and manga. These pieces will be available to view until July 30.
Born and raised in Japan, Kaneta’s work hits close to home. Her works showcase traditional Japanese thoughts – specifically, the idea that God exists within all beings. Using acrylics, she explores soft yet bright colours. Her work is well blended, vibrant but never jarring, representing the seamless passing of time and the fleetingness of nature. Additionally, her work uses the female figure as a symbol of nature – whether it’s portraying clouds as wispy strands of hair or painting eyes that reflect the deep blue sky, femininity is at the core of her work and is akin to how the Rinpa and Kanō schools approach painting through the scenes of nature depicted in traditional Japanese literature. “The characters I draw are anthropomorphic beings of nature and invisible things, similar to the feeling when Japanese people see mountains or the sea and feel the existence of God,” says Kaneta.

While her works are rooted in Japanese history, Kaneta ties these ancient themes together with the modern Japanese society through her painting style. The wide-eyed innocence of her subjects, combined with the dreamy representations of nature, are reminiscent of anime and manga characters and backgrounds. Her art is fresh and timeless, truly representing the constant yet ever-changing duality of nature.
In Our Nature is now on view view at Corey Helford Gallery in 571 S. Anderson St. Los Angeles, CA 90033 until July 30.
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