Since she began writing songs and performing live alongside her singer/songwriter dad at the age of 11, Ryan Wright has worked to enhance a sound that she truly identified herself with, that reflects her musical and personal vision. After releasing singles like U were never mine or Screw U, she now unveils her new track, A dream I'll forget, exploring the unsettling realisation that a relationship might not have been everything she thought. “Sometimes when I sleep, You’re slow dancing with me, but it’s only A dream I’ll forget,” she says about her new single, with which she welcomes 2022.
Her ethereal voice and emotionally charged lyrics, ranging from pain to anguish, demonstrate a unique sensitivity. Great strength for the artist that has touched the hearts of her fans, who have seen in the Virginia-based singer, songwriter and producer a complete artist capable of effectively communicating her vulnerabilities and moods through music. And her new release, which begins in a lull of lethargic whispers, before brightening into a constellation of starry synths and crackles of fireworks, is a perfect confirmation that Wright has found her personal sound.

Introspection and connection with herself are two of the fundamental pillars on which her work is built. Among her influences, we find The Cars or The Smiths but also some current artists like Lana del Rey. Her soft and delicate voice hides a deep meaning inspired by her experiences and thoughts – including dreams and nightmares. The artist continues to find her true essence since she began co-producing her current EP with her dad Todd Wright and collaborator Ethan Mentzer in 2019. You can now listen to A dream I’ll forget and immerse yourself in the emotional journey led by the artist.