Everything We Want, Rya Park's new song, which she is releasing today, is not inspired by anxiety, heartbreak or depression, themes that she has tackled in previous singles. This track is a celebration of life, an ode to the all-consuming romance he feels with her partner, Nick Tam-punk band Kill Bell's guitarist and Melbourne music scene photographer. A way to express the love that she feels towards the one who is undoubtedly her life partner and her great support: “Some of the stuff we've been through together has been challenging but has definitely united us and made us stronger. Fuck, I just love him.”
Should we say “I love you” more often to people who are especially important in our lives? Do we demonstrate enough appreciation for our life partners who not only celebrate our successes but help us in our worst moments? Australian artist Rya Park is aware of the need to remind herself and her partner how important he is in her life. And she does it with the release of Everything We Want, a romantic indie-pop track. This is the second single from her debut EP Generational, set to be released in the coming months.

Fans of Park will be able to listen to the full EP on June 3, but that's not all. The singer will also be headlining The Leadbeater on June 10 with her band: Sam Phay, Stella Farnan, Soren and Zac Robertson. There we will listen to her new song live, and we will delve into the love story of Rya and Nick. “We've done so much in the time that we've been together; travelled the world, had multiple coffee hangouts at the cafe near the psych hospital I was staying at, lived together, lived apart, but mostly have been each other's biggest support and best friend throughout it all,” adds the artist about her latest single.