If you’ve ever listened to Ruti, you’re already familiar with her dreamy vocals. And if you haven’t yet, do yourself a favour and stream her now. The Essex-born singer proves once again her incredible vocal range in her new single, Don’t Make A Sound, out today. Together with the release, she has also taken the opportunity to announce the launch of a new EP, Lungs.
It seems only fitting that her upcoming record has such a title. Because when Ruti sings, we can’t help but wonder how her lungs can fit in so much power, air, and beauty. Out on May 24th, we still don’t know much about it; so far though, we’ve listened to the two first singles, Bubblehouse Bounce (move as one) and Don’t Make A Sound. In this second song, the artist sings about not wanting to face a harsh reality, a fading love that has come to an end. Denial is key to avoid getting hurt (even if that pain is already aching): “Don’t let the words out of your mouth / It hurts so much / It hurts too much / Don’t make a sound / Don’t let me hear you spit it out / It’s not real if I don’t hear it,” she says.
Together with the new single, Ruti has released an official visualiser directed by Elif Gonen where she’s dressed like a punk princess amidst abandoned ruins in a magical-looking forest. Very fitting if we take the lyrics “Stuck in the ruins left a faded dream” by heart. Releasing this new single and announcing the upcoming EP are just part of Ruti’s plans, but there are more. For example, she is set to play a headline show at The Victoria Dalston on 23rd May. And what else is on store for her? Only time will tell.