Different artists join forces in the new EP of the creator, songwriter and screenwriter Roskamala, Truth She Told. Through five songs in which we find features with Misbono, Ivy Marie, Lia Apa, Greenwich and Courtney Knott, who sing acclaimed Roskamala’s songs, this new project is an existential narrative on the trials and tribulations of what it is like to be human and how our experiences shape who we are. Making hope a fundamental pillar on which she builds her songs, this new EP features a variety of genres including dark pop, R&B, rock, and even soul.
“We all have our own stories to tell of good times and bad times. We tend to focus too much on the bad times, but one thing I believe in is hope,” replies singer/songwriter, producer, screenwriter and actor Roskamala when asked about this latest release, a journey through emotions in the form of five songs: Out Of The Maze, Beautiful Disease, Loving Mess, Kiss Me Amnesia and Chameleon. “Life can be tough but we all have the power to make it better and create a wonderful future,” adds the versatile artist born and raised in Thailand, who decided to move to the United States to pursue music full-time.

From the lead single Kiss Me Amnesia ft. Greenwich which delivers a stirring message about the ghosts of the past and the burdensome effects of unhealed trauma and comes along with a music video, to Loving Mess featuring Lia Apa, a playful and teasing song about daring someone to entice us that shows us another facet of the artist without losing her essence. The artist addresses many important topics on this new EP, from living against the norms and the relatable theme of being a people pleaser and being trapped in a situation where one loses their identity, to love and obsession. Welcome to the new Roskamala’s sensory journey.