With over fifteen million streams on all outlets, Rosehip’s music has been gathering momentum since his viral 2020 breakthrough track Awake. Today, after having released his explorative mini-album Origins served as an early musical blueprint for the Rosehip sound, which introduced the many flavours, colours and sentiments we can expect from the up-and-coming artist in years to come, he’s presenting his full Odyssey EP. And this project comes along with a very exciting story. Keep reading!
Alongside the release of Odyssey, Rosehip has embarked on his own odyssey, travelling through Europe, the Baltic States and Scandinavia in his self-built campervan conversion. Having converted the campervan into a mobile studio and home, which he started over a year ago, he has been exploring new places while making new music. And now the time has come to share the result with all of us, in what has been a magical creative process until shaping the project he’s now presenting loaded with meaning and experiences.

Along the way, he is making music inspired by the places he visits and gathering spectacular accompanying drone videos to form unique content fusing travel, music production and van-life niches. His new EP has an optimistic and meditative mood throughout, combining influences from chillwave, electronica, lo-fi, electro-pop and future bass. His sound is full of nuances and immerses us in a hypnotising world. Each new place he travels to, he continues creating, and imbues the tracks with his own essence, getting a very personal identity.