Rosalía surprised everyone when she announced on an Instagram post last Tuesday that she was about to release the song TKN in collaboration with American rapper Travis Scott. Well, the wait is finally over! Just minutes ago, the Catalan singer who’s taken the international music scene by storm has premiered the video on YouTube, which already has more than 200k visits. 
In TKN, we hear Travis Scott sing some bits in Spanish – mainly the chorus, ‘ni un amigo nuevo, ni uno haría,’ as well as referencing cult filmmakers Gaspar Noé or Pedro Almodóvar (his 1993 film Kika, starring Rossy de Palma). The music video, recorded in February before the global pandemic crisis hit Western countries, is directed by Nicolás Méndez and produced by Barcelona-based production company Canada, responsible for previous music videos of the singer. Surrounded by dozens of little kids, we see Rosalía and Travis sing to each other as a massively big family.