Rorey was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2021, sparking the creation of six out of eight tracks on her new EP, Dysphoria, out May 17th, one of which includes Standby. An EP centred around the artist’s mental health journey, her new track is a homage to the pain that initiates great change and the struggles she went through when coming to terms with her diagnosis.
Her dreamy melodies and hushed vocals make for the perfect bedroom-pop track that incorporates the solemness of alternative and indie sounds. Listening to Standby calms your heartbeat and rests your mind, letting you feel recognised and safe. Combined with the steady strumming of her acoustic guitar, Rorey creates an angelic sound that makes us feel as though we are being welcomed by the gates of heaven. Captivating how scary it can be to take the first step, the New York City-based singer and songwriter’s continued success and recognition is a true example of what can be achieved if you put your mind to something – an inspiration to those experiencing similar situations.
With gut-wrenching and relatable lyrics, Rorey exposes herself and admits her weaker moments. Saying she is “just on stand-by” whilst comparing herself to everyone else and their improvements or achievements, Rorey recognised she was stuck in a loop of self-pity and decided it was time to take action and commit to healing herself. As a result, this single forces you to confront your inner psyche, triggering self-improvement and helping you take responsibility for your emotions and behaviours – something I think everyone eventually will go through.