Through sound and image Rookley brings out the things that have to be said about his neighbourhood of New York city, but can’t. Today we premier Run the music video that precedes Playground EP coming out the end of March. Rookley harnesses the dreamlike nature of the ancient tradition of shadow puppetry with shifting colours and layered electronica. Originally Indian shadow puppetry was used as a medium to communicate with the gods, and now it is increasingly employed to promote literacy without the spiritual connotations.
This video welcomes the viewer to stay transfixed on the moment but we remain unsure of what is actually happening: a semi-meditative experience. The narrative approaches the concerns of greed, war and our awe for magic. Echoing his inner world that yo-yos between discomfort and dissatisfaction to warm abandonment, the tale of the hero has an ambiguous conclusion as he is left hacking the heads of a monster off: we don’t know if he conquers or will be vanquished. What we do know, is that Rookley takes care for sounds that evoke visceral emotions.