Break the Internet throws us into an underground fight club and this song is one big hit. Amongst the chaos, we find joy in the impeccably dressed Rodney Chrome looking like Gigi Hadid at the Met Gala in a long line puffer with extravagant sleeves. Every other boxer has been underdressed before and since. Squirming topless, yet highly refined these moves bring to mind the intricate choreography of Lil Nas X and Childish Gambino. Watch out for this rising star.
“Rodney Chrome’s self-assuredness is palpable, built brick by brick as a black and queer artist too loud for his conservative town in Arkansas.” wrote Ones to Watch in an interview, and that self confidence shines through on this video too. So does the queerness. Cut to the training room boys make out together and Rodney dons a heroic chainmail coif, reappropriating space that’s toxic, white, right-wing and masculine he queers the narrative of a men’s fight club. Often hyper-masculine spaces edge into the homoerotic, the worship of the male figure and Chrome plays with this. Flawless styling and a visual world that whisks us into the perfect fantasy Chrome comes , he sees and he breaks the internet.
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