Robert Wun is a promising young designer. Highly talented and with a mesmerizing sensitivity, he graduated at London College last year with his collection “Burnt” at the age of 21. Architect of geometric dreams, he is inspired by nature to make his creations. In the following lines, Robert Wun tells us a little bit more about his universe and projects.
What was your first contact with the fashion industry? How did you become passionate about it?
It would be back to 10 years ago when I was 11-12. The time when I started realizing the concept of fashion within my artistic interest, to me is the perfect way to transform imagination to realistic dimension, based on the idea of 'Human Body'. Since then I never look back, I knew that was the path.
Speaking about your latest collection "Burnt" (2012), what was the inspiration for its creation?
Curiosity towards the bonds between Nature and Man has always been a main inspiration to me. Discovering the symmetrical flaws in nature led me to a deeper attraction of microphotographs of butterflies and moths. Insects we perceive to be symmetrical and consequently, beautiful. Yet it was the flaws in nature that triggered my interest, where nature designs many things in symmetrical proportions but yet both left and right sides are slightly different.
Can you tell us some details about the creative process? How did you select the fabrics and materials for the collection?
To achieve this particular idea I had to use techniques whereby you cannot control the outcome, like burning and melting. Delve into the idea that nothing is perfect. All those ruffles are created by waddings with burnt out gradient patterns, highly crafted in-between with glass organza. Also led to a very artificial fabric ranges: Neoprene, Organza, Lycra, Foam and waddings. I was really interested in using artificial based resources to regenerate an idea of nature with organic working methods; symbolizing the relations between man and nature. While the ombre effects created by digital printings and hand dip-dyed works like a harmony between two extremes. Man and Nature, Black and White. Something I always fascinated and inspired from.
The shoes are exquisite, what is the story behind them?
Accessories’ detail development looked towards the structure of insects under a microscope, examining the scales and limbs intricately and transporting these spiky visuals into platform heels with a horned toe.
Looking to the future, what projects do you have in mind?
Currently I am working on my new collection which will be launching in June. More of a couture idea as I believe at least to create one more personal collection before kicking up the S/S collection. As everything are rapidly setting up and the crew is steadily forming together. Also we had our online shop launched a month ago and will continue expanding. Hopefully eventually Robert Wun and our design studio will be ready to roll on track in London Fashion week soon.