If you’re in New York, you can’t miss the exhibition at Paul Kasmin Gallery commemorating the almost 90th birthday of American icon Robert Indiana – born in the 13th of September 1928. The artist, whose most notorious artworks include huge sculptures of the word ‘love’ and numbers from zero to nine, has been represented by the Chelsea-based gallery for over fifteen years and is now holding an exhibition where precisely the Love Wall and One Through Zero artworks are showcased until the 3rd of March. 
“People don’t stop to think about how beautiful numbers are. Perhaps for the same reason that they don’t stop to think about how beautiful words are. […] It’s the role of the artist – my particular role, if you will – to make words an numbers very, very special”, he once stated. By being loyal to his instinct, his body of work has precisely explored the notions of beauty of words and numbers, which have turned him into one of the most important names in contemporary art.
Robert Indiana’s exhibition is on view until March 3 at Paul Kasmin Gallery, 293 10th Ave, New York.
Indiana Install Numbers B.jpg
Love Install Metalmagazine 4.jpg