Helping traditional fashion brands entering the upcycling market and supporting more circular and responsible production in the sector, Revibe, the largest marketplace fully dedicated to upcycling fashion, now joins H&Mbeyond., H&M's Innovation Hub, to launch an exclusive collection. Making a firm commitment to the necessary work the platform does since 2021 by bringing together independent fashion designers who fight against fashion waste, H&Mbeyond. partners with Revibe aiming to empower young designers from across Europe to build the future of upcycling fashion. And they’ve done this through a collection inspired by street culture created by three of the most promising designers of the upcycling scene: the London-based Olli Hull, the Madrid-based Shackled and the French duo ÂGE Paris.
Featuring a range of seventeen unique designs crafted with a focus on sustainability, using a combination of cutting-edge techniques and traditional craftsmanship, this launch is one more example of the direction fashion must take as part of a learning process in which big companies learn from those who go a step further in terms of sustainability and environmental awareness. This sum of forces is capable of creating surprising results, with which we can all learn and which also allow small brands and designers to raise their voices and publicise their interesting personal projects.

“With the partnership with H&Mbeyond., our goal has been to give more visibility to the upcycling world because we are convinced that upcycling should become part of the strategy of every fashion brand,” says Ettore Carfagnini, co-founder of Revibe, about his latest collaboration with H&M’s Innovation Hub. This collection is exclusively available online, and the starting point for its creation was a question Revibe threw to its international community of emerging designers from the fashion industry: How can an unused garment be transformed into a fashionable it- piece?

It was then that the custom-sized H&M shirts, rescued from their returns' stock in Berlin, were carefully deconstructed and crafted into a seventeen-piece range of authentic upcycled garments. You can find out all the details about the collaborative process here, in which inclusivity was also a fundamental pillar from start to finish featuring sizes from XXS to XXL with relatively accessible pricing.
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