The new single from Revenge Wife, Fantasy Girl, takes us directly into the mesmerising universe of ABBA, an essential name in the history of music. This connection created through sound and a universal language, music, arises from the latest song released by the artist who shows an evolution in her songwriting and a commitment to the Italo-disco vibe, though this time in English. This new release comes just before starting an east coast headline tour in June and continues leaking out singles from her debut album, due out in fall 2023.
“Have you ever read the book Attached? I think I should start there if I'm going to try and explain the meaning of Fantasy Girl,” says Revenge Wife when we talk to her about this new single that comes along with a self-directed music video which is one shot of her on a beach eating an orange. “It says how anxious and avoidant attachment styles are a dangerous coupling because the avoidant person has a hard time with intimacy so they'll let their fantasies wander, imagining how someone else (often a past partner) would be better than their current partner. Anxiously-attached people would feel this disconnect and spiral in dismay.”

Following an eight-year stint with HOLYCHILD and a successful endeavour as a solo artist, the single she now unveils is about breaking up with someone in the honeymoon phase, so they always remember the best version of you. “It's a cynic's love anthem. Is it romantic to be remembered forever? Hopefully, the memory of me will eclipse my flaws,” adds the artist. She promises to continue evolving her sound and moving into new territories as a songwriter, director, performer, singer, and person.