Her first official single since the release of her 2022 album, dear amelia, Renforshort’s new single Serpentine captures the loneliness of independence when embarking on life-altering journeys. Taking what she has learned from her time in London and the skills she has developed from previous projects, the singer has created a single that is full to the brim with enrichment and experience.
Produced by Jonny Lattimer (Rina Sawayama, Sam Smith) & Jeff Hazin (Glaive, Tai Verdes, Midwxst), Renforshort was able to collaborate with some of the industry’s most versatile producers, which has paid off. The singer’s soft vocals and sombre backing instrumentals should not take away from the message she is trying to preach. Influenced by the incredible talent of Elliott Smith, Renforshort uses her angelic melodies in this single to express the emptiness that can occur when someone is gone and how this alters who we are, for better or for worse.
Serpentine is about staying grounded when you feel like who you are is drifting away, or “way too light,” and how, sometimes, we need to be a little bit selfish to succeed. Acknowledging the “simplicity and honesty of the song,” Renforshort is deeply personal and vulnerable, exposing her most personal moments in such a poignant way. The simple pairing of acoustic guitar and raw vocals produces a single that is earnest and relatable, allowing listeners to feel seen and feel more content when struggling with the temporary nature of life and the gaining and passing of opportunities. Out today, you’ll just have to listen and see for yourself!