The new single from the singer René, I R L, invites us to accompany her on an upward journey as if she were a phoenix. An emotional adventure with mystical hues capable of making our hair stand on end, where there is an evident internal reflection on the feelings that make us human. Her new work is a celebration of emotion, a plea in favour of free expression and the non-concealment of fears and injustices, with which the emerging artist shouts from the rooftops that she is here to stay. Necessary voices for tough times.
Born to Mauritian parents and raised in London, the R&B influences René experiments with are captivating. An atmosphere present in I R L, in which the synthesisers are in harmony with a determined voice, produced by Oscar Moos, encourages us to stand up and fight for our dreams. A process that begins with self-knowledge and the recognition of our feelings, from obsession to irrationality, which starts from human connections and the energy we create when we interact with each other. Unions that transcend all earthly categories and make feelings surface, although we tend to hide them frequently for fear of being labelled or presenting ourselves too vulnerable to society.

Inspired by artists such as Aaliyah or Timbaland, the past and the future are found in the voice of this young singer, for whom surrounding herself with emerging artists is of vital importance. A formula built on the creative synergies that she now presents in the shoot that she presents us exclusively, the result of a collaboration with other restless artistic minds who promise to ascend at the same time as her.
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