Classics never die. They might be transformed, reinvent themselves, or be kept intact to preserve their identity as much as possible, but they’ll always be essential to understand where we come from and where we are heading. Being aware of this, Involve Records, Regal’s label, aimed at revitalising one of the musical legends of the famous ‘90s movement in Valencia, the iconic Así me gusta a mí by Chimo Bayo. The remixes by Andres Campo and Regal have just been released and prove they have achieved their goal.
A great challenge that consists of refreshing, by providing a new identity and preserving the DNA that made this track a hit, the world-famous Así me gusta a mí. The Involve Records owner and KHIDI resident now reveals the result of his last exercise together with Andres Campo, acclaimed resident of Florida 135. Chimo Bayo’s great hit is now presented in two new versions that demonstrate how classics can be reinterpreted not nullifying their characteristic essence. Así me gusta a mí is now available on both vinyl and digital formats at Involve Records.