Pairing Mode is an album that is perfectly explained in the title. Ray Lozano's debut album, which is also a visual composition made up twelve musical short stories is exactly about that, connecting with one another and the troubles that come with it. From solitude to change and the sense of belonging, the project that was largely written in 2020 and 2021 talks about a newfound pace of life that Lozano discovered during the pandemic.
The German Filipina singer, songwriter and producer from Cologne (Germany) has a few words to say about how the pandemic affected her, 2020 was a year where she “had to deal with diffuse or less diffuse losses and we were forced to downshift. At the same time, it also offered the chance for us to get to know ourselves and others once again in a different way. To connect with ourselves. With what remained and what had to be let go of.” And each song and video, or perhaps even better, chapter, explores the different feelings that permeated from this.
From longing for love to just being contempt with yourself and feeling empowered again, she takes us on a journey of the different emotions that were brought up during such tumultuous times. Lozano explains, “Pairing Mode is like a collection of polaroid pictures. Or like a menu, composed of several delicate dishes.” In fact each track is “a moment that has been captured and is complete as it is.” And even though the songs are short the feeling permeates within you and follows you.  
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