Two and a half years have passed since we last spoke with Raven Artson. Coinciding with the release of his album Whatever and shortly after having seen the premiere of The Performer, a short film directed by Folkert Verdoorn where he played the lead role and composed the soundtrack, the artist told us about the details of his project and his interesting combination of creative disciplines. He is now releasing his new single, Rash Of Independence, out our today via Rosed Out Records. This track is a new teaser single from his forthcoming full-length album Transformia, which is set to drop on June 2.
“I am in love, I'm not in love, I'm not alone. Being single and hot and receptive and loving it,” Artson replies when asked about his new release. Little more than two minutes are enough for this fascinating creative mind to be crowned once again, in this case in a plea that plunges into the appreciation for independence while observing the momentary quality of love. This single comes 4 months before the official release of their full-length album Transformia while announcing their Coco & Clair Clair support dates set for February in Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Manchester and London.

Being rooted in Amsterdam, the artist reaffirms his creative freedom by fleeing from limiting terms and allowing the meaning of his songs to vary depending on who listens to them. “When I hear others talk about my work, I notice that they can't quite pin it down and I love that. Like life itself, everything I do is free-flowing,” he explained. We can't wait to know more about Raven Artson's next project, and we'll keep you posted as he gives us new Transformia details.