In an ever-changing art scene, SuperRare is the innovative marketplace for NFT artwork and SuperWorld presents viewers with a virtual world of augmented reality (AR). They have joined forces in Miami during Art Basel Miami Beach to present an immersive and unique AR sculpture exhibition, Rareworld: An NFT Takeover. The exhibit is now on display at the Convention Center until December 5, the sculptures will be viewable via the SuperWorld app.

showcases the work of a range of pioneering artists, including Jason Ebeyer and Krista Kim, who are changing the horizons of contemporary art. Through their practice in 3D and AR technologies they create a cross-sensory experience for the viewer who is plunged into the metaverse.

Glossy, almost perfect figures have become characteristic of Jason Ebeyer’s work. He has earned international acclaim for his 3D artwork has produced artwork for Vogue Italia and made digital music videos for Troye Sivan and Kim Petras. In Rareworld, Ebeyer showcases Body in which a glossy silver body moves and contorts. The work characteristically combines sensuality and emotion.

Krista Kim founded the Techism movement in 2014 and focusses on humanising technology. In Kim’s work, technology is re-appropriated to create and experience art. Kim displays Supercube 400XR at Rareworld. Viewing her work is a tranquil and meditative experience; Kim transforms the vast and cosmic metaverse into a personal and human experience. The ever-changing nature of AR art is what makes it so exciting. This is only the beginning of art in the metaverse.
Rareworld: An NFT Takeover is on display at the Convention Center as part of Art Basel Miami Beach until December 5.
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