This brand is unstoppable. After releasing its Sculpt sneaker well over a year ago, they are dropping their newest colourway in red, adding a fourth model to their shoe repertoire, this Saturday, October 9 at 12 pm EST worldwide. The sleek and timeless design will see its newest iteration followed by the release of a short film titled Sculpt Live by Thankyousnapgod, will be available on their website.
The shoe, which has been in the works since 2017, has already been released in black and yellow, white and yellow and black and blue models. This new colourway, with its red sole and black suede, can be seen in the hands of fellow New Yorkers on Sculpt Live, who got to hold the pair before its much-anticipated release, even prior to its announcement. Through a sitcom-style title sequence, and a compilation of clips, the short film shows the sheer joy that such now-iconic new sneakers like these can bring.
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