Second day of the festival, and here we are again, excited to share what went down yesterday at Pull&Bear’s Dream Valley. The space is buzzing with their ongoing Not Just a DJ project, which brings creatives from various fields to try their hand behind the decks. Yesterday the DJs were Keyrah, Santana and Leo Mandella.
Keyrah’s eclectic approach to her curations allows her to seamlessly blend between a multitude of club settings and radio shows across the world. Present day, you can catch Keyrah spinning music from various corners of electronica, house, R&B, rap, soul, indie and jazz but to name a few, all of which is reflected in her monthly residency with Rinse FM and in her Soulection set.
What does music mean to you, especially since you work as a DJ?
I’ve been DJing for 7 years now, and music has always played a significant role in my life. It felt natural for me to pursue a career within the industry.
You are part of the Not Just a DJ crew from Pull&Bear, what do you think you bring to the project?
I believe everyone on the lineup has a unique style and sound, so hopefully, I’ll contribute something new and refreshing.
A song that can never be missing from your sessions.
Oh, that depends on the set, but probably You Rock My World by Michael Jackson.

Santana is a resident of MUSA, a queer-focused platform in Barcelona, where they develop their own unique musical style, which they describe as bouncy, sexy, and playful through different genres such as hard-groove, hard-house, progressive, and even trance.
You started as a DJ recently, right? What led you to it? Has music always been important to you?
Yes! I started in late November 2023, about six months ago, thanks to my friend and fellow DJ Drazzit, who taught and introduced me to this field. I had been collecting music for a while and one day I decided to practice with the controller. From there, I started doing little things and creating mixes.
Music has been incredibly important to me since I was a kid. It’s a form of expression with which I have a very strong connection, both when listening to it and dancing to it. Now that I have established preferences for the music I like to play, I can develop and discover rhythms and sounds that resonate with me.
What inspired you for yesterday’s session?
I am going to be inspired by fresh and summery sounds, but without straying from good bass and entertaining vocals. Something between nightclub and terrace vibes.
You are part of the Not Just a DJ crew from Pull&Bear, what do you think you bring to the project?
My personal style mixed with my musical style while sticking to club rhythms. A good time and some dancing.
Tell me a song that is always present in your sets.
I always try to play different tracks, but one that I always include is Double Take by Mabel.

Leo Mandella
Getting into fashion in 2014, the self-proclaimed streetwear aficionado has garnered over 700k followers on Instagram thanks to his personal style. He defines himself as a music lover since childhood, which has led him to start his career as a DJ. His music tastes range from Afro beats to Techno, a journey he likes to take the crowd through during his sets.
What is music for you, you have your own radio show, right? What kind of music you play there?
Music to me is both a tool and a privilege. It is a tool for creating and enjoying myself, and a privilege because there is so much of it in the world. There is something for any moment. Sad? Music. Happy? Music. Confused? Music. Always music. It's the best. My show is a Friday morning breakfast show, so I keep it very up beat with afrobeats and afro edits, a lot of funky house and Tons of amapiano.
You began playing music as a hobby. At what stage would you say you are now?
I’ve always had a passion for music. Although DJing initially started as a hobby, I’ve always envisioned it becoming something more significant. This year, I feel like it’s moving in the right direction as I start to accept larger and more thrilling bookings. Currently, I'm simply relishing the journey and embracing every experience. Many exciting gigs lie ahead.
You are part of the Not Just a DJ crew from Pull&Bear, what do you think you bring to the project?
Not Just a DJ perfectly encapsulates my identity. I’ve never been one to confine myself to a single category. I believe in my capacity to contribute beyond expectations. Creativity knows no bounds; it empowers me to explore various avenues simultaneously. I thrive on seeking new opportunities to excel.
Tell me a song that is always present in your sets.
A song that is always essential in my sessions is In the Morning (Let Your Love Come In) by Egypt, a funky classic!