Psycho & Plastic, comprised of Alexandre Decoupigny and Thomas Tichai who have been creating music together for over 10 years, is now releasing their new single, Back and Forth, via GiveUsYourGOLD. Having already earned over four million streams across platforms, they are both from Southern Germany and have lived in Liverpool where they met and formed the band and are now based in Berlin. And they are determined to offer their audience a new sound and sensory experience.
“We wrote Back And Forth to reflect the delicate dance of conflicting interest in the face of severe crisis. Despite sounding deceptively light and effortless, composing this piece was actually quite the challenge for us,” say the artists about their new single, one of the biggest challenges they have faced so far. Back and Forth, which opens gradually, as if the opening notes to a ballet where the dancers slowly begin to find their places in the light, is the result of an arduous creative process. “We had to send it back and forth between our two studios many times to refine the statement.”

Having released three albums and two EPs together over the years, drawing upon the works of Mouse On Mars, Leftfield or Aphex Twin, among many others, this new single follows the recent release of Imago, both of which will appear on the duo's upcoming LP. The ethereal elements and emotions that this latest release evokes demonstrate, once again, that sound has no borders and is not subject to specific categories.