Priyanka, the renowned drag queen winner of RuPaul's Drag Race Canada, has just released her brand new single titled Bad Bitches Don't Cry featuring Canadian pop sensation Ralph. This release comes after Priyanka's successful debut EP, Taste Test, which she released in 2021. The new single comes with an upbeat music video that showcases high fashion and high-energy elements. It's the newest addition to the Priyanka Cinematic Universe and is full of fresh looks, choreography, and an overall captivating vibe that can be expected from a main pop girl.
The idea behind Bad Bitches Don't Cry was sparked by a Selling Sunset episode in which Christine Quinn, a notorious Girlboss villain, stops crying after being reminded that tough women do not cry. Priyanka related to this line because of a Grade 9 Guidance Counsellor who once told her that she would never be successful. Although the experience was initially traumatic, Priyanka quickly realised that she would not let anyone discourage her, and with hard work and determination, she could overcome any obstacle.

In the music video, Priyanka showcases her progress in the Pop Music scene with stunning choreography and fashionable couture. The team responsible for creating the cinematic universe of Taste Test, Caroline Torti and Hallowed Grounds Productions, will be working with her once again. The video emphasises Priyanka's growth in the industry.