The underground of Berlin and ethereal vocals of alternative indie punk form the likes of this emerging band, Pretty Average. With the release of their first EP, All I Wanted, lead singer, Candy Bassas, and lead guitarist, Sergi Cabanes, combine their lifelong musical collaboration with a fresh and atmospheric sound from their new four-piece band.
When you listen to their music, you hear the multi-layered indie rock sounds of Galaxie 500, Spiritualized, New Order, the Cure, and Lou Reed. But Pretty Average has also curated a unique sound of their own, honing inspiration from the rock scene of Berlin where the band is located and regularly performs. With their debut EP, the band demonstrates the evolution of their musical journey across four new songs, All Those Faces, Entwined, Fade Out, and Dive in Gloom.
Bassas and Cabanes are originally from Barcelona, and their long-time friendship and musical collaboration is what led them to form a full band in 2021 after their move to Berlin. The inspiration of new sounds and instruments formed an experiment with rhythmic guitar, the echo of moody vocals, and a sonic noise that brand their music today. Their songs on All I Wanted are enchanting with Bassas’s sweet voice, yet they also convey the complex and dark feelings of loneliness and isolation. All Those Faces is the first song on the EP and represents the essence of the band. “This song was one of our first songs we did as a whole band, knowing from the first moment it would be a great hit,” explains Pretty Average. “It is inspired by the underground in Berlin and its creatures. All the faces that haunt you, the unforgettable and suffering in it.”
The art for the EP shows the eerily calm faces of Bassas and Cabanes as their bodies are submerged in an icy lake, acting as a testament to their unique image. Pretty Average have shows lined up in Berlin and are currently planning a European tour for September 2024.