Since its first edition in 2017, Positive Education has not stopped consolidating itself as a festival-goer's obsession, attracting more and more attendees every year. Being at the forefront of tomorrow's electronic culture, the festival held in Saint-Etienne, in Southeastern France, has now just unveiled the program for its 7th edition that will take place from October 31 to November 5, 2023. With some 90 names, the PEF program will be as rich as it is varied, between headliners, outstanding back-to-backs, crazy performances and new discoveries. And it’s also taking a step forward by adding a daytime format, in a new venue that will soon be unveiled. You can get your ticket here!
Although everything indicated that the Positive Education Festival would have to leave the historic venue of the festival due to renovation, fortunately, the next edition will once again transform the industrial cathedral in the Cité du Design, the former munitions factory in Saint-Etienne, into a bubble of freedom as every autumn for several years. This is the last chance to dance in this timeless place where thousands of people from all over the world have enjoyed their favourite artists, from IDM fans and bass heads to trance enthusiasts, techno addicts and others. Everyone is welcome to this festival that will also have a special program of live performances, we’ll provide more details very soon.

Having confirmed the new (live) A/V duo Amnesia Scanner with multidisciplinary artist Freeka Tet, Italian wizard Donato Dozzy, Polish techno queen VTSS, DJ Nobu, Anetha and Monolake as headliners for the next edition, among many others, and adding the Australian pearl Mike Midnight or the Londoner Happa, each day will be dedicated to a theme. From October 31 to November 5 we will listen to different musical genres by the hand of some of the most prominent profiles on the scene, going through ambient music with notably DJ Lostboi, rock and its derivatives with Milanese Heith, hip-hop with the English choreographer and rapper Blackhaine and many more.

We’ll also be able to attend workshops dedicated to music production and thematic conferences, being able to generate synergies between industry professionals and continue enhancing our knowledge of how the sector works and evolves. Don't forget to get your tickets before they run out!
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