Many artists now begin to reveal sneak peeks of their projects that will be entirely unveiled later this year. Singles with which they remind us they’re ready to continue surprising their listeners this year. And these will end up culminating in albums or EPs for many creatives. This is the case of Norwegian singer/songwriter Ponette, who is back with a new single, Beats Me Up (featuring Coucheron). This song, which she's dropping today via Toothfairy, is a teaser from Part I of her upcoming album, scheduled for later this year. With this single, the artist hopes people can relate and it is the result of a massive wave of feelings.
“I just had to find a way to communicate all of the raw emotions that had been building up in my body for a while, and I want the song to feel like that when you listen to it as well,” the singer-songwriter replies when asked about the creation process of the single that he presents today, Beats Me Up. This song has both great vocal power, exciting lyrics and great potential when it comes to technique, as well as a deep message with which she intends to connect with her audience honestly and transparently.

Weaving the tale of needing to escape from a relationship and feeling as though you need some space although finding this difficult to do, Ponette has not stopped outdoing herself throughout her life, demonstrating plausible strength and determination. She has made music truly lifesaving at different times in her life, and her new electronic track, which is a perfect example of her experimental indie-pop sound, shows her intention to continue empathizing with her listeners, generating a close dialogue with them through the most universal language that exists, music.
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