Betting on the rising stars from the underground and emerging scenes to promote the trailblazers from the present and the pioneers of tomorrow, Polifonic Festival Puglia 2024 has already begun to give us clues about its next edition. Held in the Valle D’Itria from July 25 to 28, the event promises an unparalleled celebration of music, culture and natural beauty. The first twenty-five names of the artists who will attend the 7th edition of the Apulian Festival have just been revealed, although the definitive lineup is yet to be known. Keep reading!
Since its first edition in 2017, Polifonic has continued to consolidate itself as an event with an international spirit, characterised by a special bond with the territory with the intention of enhancing the natural beauty of the places in which it is set. Celebrating an edition also in Milan since 2022, whose dates for this year have also been announced –May 31 to June 2–, the Made in Italy brand attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world every year who are looking forward to enjoying the unique blend of contemporary artists and established names from the electronic music scene.
“It takes a new path towards magical landscapes, halfway between imaginary places and reality,” say the Polifonic Festival Puglia organisers when asked about the general theme of the event, AnteFutur. “Polifonic has pushed the boundaries of this fantasy universe, towards its new vision: as the confines between man and machine blur, a sense of new union pervades every aspect of everyday life, in a continuous dialogue between past and future.”
As we anticipated, the first names have just been announced. They are Alex Kassian, Aurora Halal, Bambounou, Binh, BSS, CC:DISCO!, D. Tiffany, Danielle, DJ Seinfeld, Dr Banana, Egyptian Lover (live), Fafi Abdel Nour, Gayance and band (live), Habibi Funk, Jaisiel, livwutang, Marie Montexier, Mr. Ho, Moopie, Palms Trax, Paquita Gordon, Saoirse, Skatebård, Tornado Wallace, upsammy and more to be announced. Sounds good, right? If you want to live this unique experience for yourself, get your tickets here!