Welcome to the world of Plās Collective, which specialises in crafting exclusive limited-edition garments and design collectibles, all intricately made by creatives for creatives. Each year, the brand extends invitations to artists and designers from across the globe, fostering collaborations around a central theme. This Spring/Summer 2024 Paris Fashion Week, the collaborative artist was Alberto Vitelio when Plās presented their latest collection, What Artists Wear.
But what exactly do artists wear? According to Plās Collective’s new collection, it’s about blending apparent opposites into a symbiotic relationship, in this instance with knitwear and metal taking centre stage: In some places, ribbed fabric envelopes and cocoons the sculptures, while in others, the stretched garments burst at the seams, rock-like matter peeking through like a molting creature emerging from its soft shell.
Through Plās Collective’s platform, young artists are empowered to raise their voice and raise it freely, embracing the opportunity to foster cultural innovation across disciplines and national borders. The brand enhances this artistic dialogue through their commitment to sustainability, embracing repurposed materials and Italy’s rich artisanal traditions.
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