Follow guinea pigs Belissa, Gin Tonic and more, as they grace this wonderfully whimsical, cotton-candy coloured, calendar with beautifully-crafted images. These creatures whose fur feature all colours of the rainbow were not harmed in any way, as only vegan, animal-friendly cruelty-free products were used in the making.
From fashion, product and animal photographer Koekkoek, and Vienna-based publishing house, Pool, come these beautifully-crafted images. Wake up every first day of the month to a new picture of these fantastic little creatures that are propped into different situations, from standing in a doll-sized house, posing as if they were taking glamour shots or sitting on top of a Martini glass. Don't miss out on this outlandish calendar, and buy it between today and tomorrow to receive a discount!
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11 Koekkoek Pugp.jpg