It is often said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. But if there is something that truly shows our vital experiences, our internal struggles and experiences, that is the skin. Being the largest organ of the integumentary system, the human skin now becomes a surface for expression, pain and disobedience in the project led by Jara García, Pieles, which we are presenting today. An initiative that lies between the fashion editorial and the documentary photo-essay, in which she brings together eight individuals with very different skins and stories to delve into the storytelling.
“The project is conceived as an end in itself, and even a ritual,” comments García, Creative Director and photographer of this project, Pieles, for whom naturalness, spontaneity and a relaxed atmosphere were essential factors when materialising the idea she kept in mind. Collaborating with Lucia Lomas on styling, Sandra Sisón on art direction and casting, Verónica Algobia on hair and makeup and Carlos Cabrero as model and host. The eight models you see in the images are the result of a street casting process.

But beyond the incredible photos that we’re unveiling today, what is interesting about this work is the story it contains and how it was created. “On the day of the shoot, the entire team meets in an old family garage in Ventas, a district in Madrid, to welcome all the talents. The day goes by like an afternoon among friends: conversations, laughs, eating, smoking, listening to music…” says García. A space of mutual care and full trust that we now see in the photographs, in which they reflect on the skin through eight people: Elvira, Dani, Silvia, Alba, Álvaro, Techo, Didi and La Meska.
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