Minimalism but with a large dose of design. This is the return of the Piece of Mind collection that is now presented by the New York-based lifestyle brand Piece by Piece. A project that is destined to become essential in the streetwear community, and where its founder, Maxxwell Hundley, expresses his personal vision and expression of fashion in high-quality pieces. A wide range of garments from sweatsuits with the PBP embroidered hasta T-shirts, two-tone rugbies, multi-coloured socks and a cardigan with a multiple colour palette There are many novelties that they now unveil, and you can already discover them all on their website.
Attention to detail is one of the fundamental pillars on which Piece by Piece is built. We can see this in its embroideries and details, perfectly integrated into apparently simple garments that nevertheless enclose an interesting creation process. Hundley, who is originally from Queens and has gained huge credibility in streetwear in recent years, pays homage to his hometown by having the onset production team and selection of models being native to Queens. A complete declaration of intentions with which the creator does not forget his origins, injecting his personal aesthetics and his recognisable DNA through his brand.

But what is the brand foundation? “In life, most things don't come together all at once, they come together piece by piece,” replies its founder decisively. And that principle is taken to Piece of Mind, where we find an interesting selection of clothes at affordable prices that allow us to make our looks a reflection of our personality and mood. Special mention should be made to the Abstract Color Block Cardigan and the Two-toned Rugby, two of the most special garments that we can perfectly imagine in the outfits of any design lover.

In the campaign, photographed by Esston Benjamin, we can see how the garments fit into different looks. A relaxed and casual style where special attention is also paid to comfort and functionality, aspects that many brands tend to neglect and are absolutely essential. We will have to wait to find out what the next launches of Piece by Piece will be, but for now, we can already enjoy this new collection.
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