Window Dressing is Peter Wise's latest single about not conforming to what others expect from you, as he wrote it right after receiving critiques on his career and how should he become a successful musician. In his own words: "In response to a lot of this feedback, I was motivated to write an anti-pop song: something very long with a lot of chord changes, a low melody and a guitar solo, more or less the antithesis of the modern pop song."
After self-producing a six-song EP, Too Blind To Hear in 2020, he's no working on releasing more music this spring and summer, so expect more to come from him very soon. Much like earlier releases, Window Dressing has a blues and more chilled-down tone, unlike the production of the music video. It was filmed in a whirlwind 24 hours, at a studio in Brooklyn with her sister, perfectly portraying the storyline by letting Wise float around in slow-motion through scenes with artificial people, or stuck in prisms of what others expect from him in order to succeed.

The last line of the song explains perfectly what Wise wants us to take from this, by saying “So I’d rather fall than rise up fake,” as he breaks out from the desires of others and the scene changes into a homey visual. This special video and song, in the end, is full of contradictions that still stay true to his philosophy in some strange kind of way. As much as the song was supposed to be the opposite of pop the singer himself says, "Go figure, when I turned the idea in my head into a voice memo, the song sounded pretty anthemic and pop-y!," which is what makes Window Dressing such a fabulous new single.