In our candid conversation for the cover story of METAL 48, Pepo Moreno explained that he was “learning to do things that I never thought of, from repairing a wall to making Roman concrete” as he got his hands dirty to help his dad with repairing the family’s old farmhouse. Delving into this more artisanal, traditional work, the artist discovered a new side to him. Now, in collaboration with home goods brand Ajuar, they release To whom it may concern, a set of exclusive household items that range from wine pitchers and vases, to ashtrays, plates, and platters.
Playing with the artist’s sharply ironic language, these objects tackle issues like extraterrestrial life, the everyday routine in an office environment, LGBTQ+ rights, social media, or environmental awareness. For example, an illustration of our planet reads ‘Mother sauna’ instead of ‘Mother Earth’, and other cheeky messages leave us thinking, like ‘This insta-cat makes more $ than you’, ‘Hope this email finds you well’, ‘Marriage for everyone’, or ‘Fill me with anxiety’.
Arcadi Martín, co-founder of Ajuar, explains, “To whom it may concern serves as a catalyst for ongoing conversations about a future that is already unfolding. The collection seamlessly blends tradition with messages that challenge their own norms, infusing everyday items deeply rooted in Mediterranean tradition with a compelling narrative.”
This collection of a total of seventy-six pieces is already available online and in a special pop-up store at Le Marais 50 Rue Turenne in Paris. Until December 10th, you have the opportunity to see them live, and even more, on Friday, December 7th, the artists will be celebrating the release in that same space.
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